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Our unique combination of in-depth reporting and historical analysis focuses on key campaigns for advisors and the investment community. Activistmonitor provides access to the tools and information needed to anticipate the next move and generate business ideas.



Predictive intelligence and behavioral data on shareholder activism


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One-click view of all active and historical activist campaigns

Comprehensive search of campaigns by company, fund, type of demand, outcome, industry, geography and market cap

Direct access to official regulatory filings and documents

Comprehensive activist profiles with expanding list of funds with activist strategies

Live email updates on closely-tracked situations 

Historical data complemented by live proprietary intelligence on pre-event activist targets


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Law Firms

Identify mandate ideas for potential activist targets

Support/defend current corporate clients against activist efforts


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Activistmonitor's expert team of investigative journalists and researchers digs deep into key campaigns to provide you with:  

  • A proprietary summary of each event in a campaign
  • Idea generation for advisors and the investment community
  • Forward-looking intelligence on potential activist targets
  • Analytical commentary on the latest key regulatory filings


Who Benefits


Analyze an activist's track record using key data sets

Speed up research by slicing data by sector, geography and event


Hedge Funds

Generate long/short ideas from our pre-campaign activist targets

Investigate an activist's previous behavior to anticipate its next move in a situation



Track activist behavior among competitors in adjacent industries

Use our historical data to draw up a roadmap for your defense against potential activist threats


PR Firms

Identify an activist's typical behavior based on previous campaigns

Be on top of the latest filings, news and events in live campaigns


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